Year Of The Horse. Are You Ready To Ride?

So as the Chinese New Year approaches on January 31st, I am intrigued to find out what the Year of the Horse holds in store for me and the journey. The Year of the Green Wooden Horse (adding the elements in as well) symbolizes movement, progress, greenery and nature. I’m already looking forward to this year and even if you’re not into astrology, I’m a little more than curious about the astrological ramifications of 2014.

Much like I’m guessing Charlie (“oh, rats!”) Brown  was, I too was born in the Year of the Water Rat. Now supposedly from what I’ve read Rats in the Year of the Horse will have a tough time of it both financially and career-wise, but should they endure the difficulties – and not let go of that galloping horse – better opportunities will present themselves.

Symbols of Movement

Triple Green Jade Farm's 1st Draft Logo

Before knowing more about the what the Year of the Horse symbolized, I started creating a draft logo of sorts for our future project, Triple Green Jade Farm, that is a triskele or triple spiral. Triskeles are ancient symbols that represent movement, infinity and the various trinities – both meta-physical and spiritual. I’m very drawn to these symbols. The movement of the seasons and their cyclical nature is but one of many variations that these triskelions so eloquently represent. One other variation is mind-body-spirit.

Another facet I found is that they aren’t that hard (well some of the basic ones) to draw. Here’s who I dubbed the Bob Ross of Celtic Knot Drawing. So much of drawing the knots is based on math and geometry but the result is still so organic and magical I think. Then again one my favorite movies is “The Secret of Kells.”

Triskeles transcend borders and exist in many cultures.  When we WWOOF’d in Pleyben and spent time in Rennes, triskeles were very prominent in the culture of the Bretagnes.

Telenn Du Beer

Anyone who reads this blog might know that I obviously take many liberties when it comes to connecting the dots between cultures for what I see as similarities. I start the post off all about Chinese New Year and end it with a diatribe on Celtic Triskeles – but it’s still all about movement, right? So much of life is about progress, not perfection (my version of Voltaire’s line).

Ready To Ride

We’ll just have to see by this time next year in 2015 if the horse kicked me off! Either way I have a pretty good idea of what 2014 could be all about.

My astrology is saying:in 2014 you’ll be very busy. So work extra hard, spread mucho positive vibes and maybe then at the end you’ll earn the rewards.

I don’t know about you – but I’m ready to ride on… in the journey!

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