Winter, a time for reflection

By the looks of the latest wintry snowfalls, Winter has rolled in to the Essex and the Champlain Valley region with more of a bang and less of a whimper, and a few weeks before the Solstice.

Winter at it’s worst is about enduring the bitter cold and hoping you have enough firewood to last the season. At it’s best, Winter is a time for reflection for a look back on the year and an opportunity to assess what lies ahead in the journey.

Firewood: The fuel that warms you twice.
Firewood: The fuel that warms you twice.

An Honest Assessment

I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made thus far on the farm despite our eagerness to dig in the dirt and get started.

Do I wish we were farming and actually producing something already?
Yes. I absolutely do and want nothing more!

But since we only bought the farm in April 2014 and I’ve been working off-farm full-time to help build up the financial foundation for future farm plans, it’s not all that bad.

The garage gets an early Christmas gift!
The garage gets an early Christmas gift! A new salvaged door.

What Lies Ahead

I get a lot of my thinking (and everything else) done in the garage. It’s the perfect alone-time space for contemplation about what lies ahead for Triple Green Jade Farm.

2015 should prove to be a pivotal year for us. In the Summer we hope to “kick-off” a few things at the farm. Stay tuned for news about our CSA.

Roxul insulation going in at the garage
Roxul insulation going in at the garage

Future Farm Store

Because of it’s location and easy access from Mountain View Drive, the garage will become our “farm store.” Every chance I get this Winter, you will find me there renovating away.

I’ve found that as long as I can warm my bones every now and then by the wood stove, I can get a lot done in the garage even if it’s 25°F outside.

There’s a ton of planning and logistics to occur before Summer 2015 in order to make this a reality, but I think we can pull it off!

Farmland view of Boquet Mountains
Farmland view of the Boquet Mountains in Winter

Winter Reflections

Snow and icy weather have a way of slowing us down to nature’s pace despite our fast-paced daily routines. This is what makes the Winter up here so unique among the seasons.

On the plus side, it affords us the time to make plans and work out all the little details on what truly counts to forge ahead, if we choose to use our time wisely.

So regardless if you prefer hibernation over recreation, may you make the most of this glorious Wintertime… in your journey!



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