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Tiny House Living Update

Well I must say: writing can be so cathartic.

If you read last week’s post, the initial tone was slightly depressing.

In emptying my head of these thoughts and getting them out into a blog post or down on paper, I get the opportunity to confront them.

Usually after wrestling with them for a bit, I get the chance to rebuild and re-assemble my thoughts in a better way moving forward.

Hearing your thoughts and feedback on social media was extremely therapeutic.

Thanks again for all of the encouragement because I needed a “perspective realignment.”

So as Andy Dufresne in Shawshank prison says to Red:

“Get busy living or get busy….” (you know the rest).

And we have been busy living in our tiny house.


Tiny House Birthday

Our tiny home turned One this year in November!

As a one-person accommodation, it has been terrific.

It’s warm, cozy and comfortable without frills or lack of convenience.

Now there are two people sharing the small abode and our routines have had to change slightly.

It’s like adjusting to a new rhythm.

I thought I’d share our experiences in what tiny house living for two has been like.


Our Tiny House Living Routine

Like I said, Kim got a job in town recently and I had to make some minor modifications to the tiniest farm house in the Adirondacks.

Here’s an overview of our routine:



Sleeping has been great.

Our futon mattress in the loft fits us both fairly well and it’s profile is low enough giving us plenty of headroom.

Although we get dressed downstairs mostly, we can stand up in the loft.

We had extra wine boxes leftover from what we’ll use in the Breadery, and these made a nice and narrow storage solution for our clothes.

Loft ladder

Putting the ladder up is a little heavy or maybe cumbersome for Kim’s frame, but getting up and down from the loft is no problem.

Even at night, it is not difficult to make your way down as long as you take your time.

Although I had initially stubbed my toe a few times downstairs, no one has slipped off from the top yet!


With the coffee pot on it’s timer, you can smell the brewing right from bed.

Because the house is tiny (obviously) we have to take turns going downstairs.

One of us will get their clothes to bring down in order to get changed out of our pajamas while the other waits in bed, most likely checking out stuff on their iPhone.

After grabbing coffee, and getting dressed, we usually put on some hot water to wash up with.

Basically we give each other some alone time downstairs to wake up and do what they need to do to start their day.


Breakfast/lunch/dinner time

With the size constraints, only one of us can cook at a time.

I love to cook so I usually take the helm here for most meals.

I’ve had to do some research and get creative with our one burner induction cook-top.

Stews, pasta, rice dishes: I’ve found that you can cook a myriad of recipes with just one pot.

Plus clean up is super quick when have only one pot.

When I can use the gas grill, I opt for that every chance I can, especially for breakfast.


Chilling time

Either at work or working outside or working in the Breadery, we don’t spend a majority of our time inside the tiny house.

But when do chill inside, the little couch, the SOLSTA from IKEA (which is the same one we had in Norway), is super cozy.

Instead of a TV we have a southerly view of the farm fields and Boquet Mountains out a salvaged 4’ x 6’ window.

If we didn’t have that glass to let outdoors inside, the tiny house would seem even smaller, if you know what I mean.

The outlook is looking good, on all fronts.

Future tiniest #airbnb in the #adirondacks ?

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Future Plans

140 sq. feet is a little small for two people, but after a few months of living together, I can safely say that we are still happily married!

By this time next year, our hope is to make a one bedroom studio in the upstairs portion of the Breadery.

That will be a whopping 448 sq feet of living space.

That’s about four times larger than our tiny house and I bet that will feel like a McMansion upgrade!

Then our tiny house can become the perfect guest accommodation.


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