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A Library and the Full Sap Moon

Full Sap Moon Band Poster

People that know me, I suppose you’d call them friends and family, know that I play some music every now and then. Some music today is what I’d like to share with you (and also I guess a short story about how a library brings community together). It just so happens that I was asked […]

Making Hay While the Sun Shines


While that may have been the prize puzzle phrase on last night’s Wheel of Fortune, it is also what we’ve been up to at work recently at the Cornell Research Farm in Willsboro. You see, a rare thing happened last week. The Sun shone brightly and warmly for 3 successive days thus allowing us simple peasants […]

Farming at the Willsboro Research Farm for Cornell University


So just like that… I got a new job and I’m actually farming! The impetus to start living at the farm full-time was partly influenced by a new opportunity that was too good to pass up. I recently landed a seasonal job farming at the Willsboro Research Farm that is owned and run by Cornell University. […]