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Triple Green Jade Farm: a year in pictures

Stone on stone. A living metaphor for our farm. I’m sitting on my deck overlooking the Boquet Mountains. It’s dusk and the birds are performing a unique sonic backdrop I’ve not heard before. Possibly a mixture of new mating calls and conversations that is marked by this time of year. The orchestra has now finished […]

Soil Testing


In several of the classes and workshops I’ve attended, many of the guest speakers have stressed the importance of soil testing. After reclaiming several of the pastures that were overrun with brush and weeds, I can see that now we are getting more and more native forages coming up. In order to continue helping out […]

The Power of Social Finance


Money… No matter how you feel about it, it is a necessary asset in bringing an old farm back to life. But when I received a call from Lauryn at Kiva Zip, I was exposed to the power of social finance and it’s exciting possibilities.   Finding “dough” to build a bread oven Our first […]

Living on the land full-time


With the recent sunny weather, I had no desire to be behind a laptop or indoors at all for that matter. Plus, there has been a flurry of new activities happening both on and off the farm. With the rain falling, just in time to end the drought and potential brush fire conditions, I’m happy […]

Bringing an old farm back to life


When I started this blog well over a year ago I talked a lot about starting a small farm from scratch as our mission. Well now that we have this farm I can’t in all honesty say that we’re starting totally from scratch anymore. A more accurate assessment is that we’re bringing an old farm […]

Year Of The Horse. Are You Ready To Ride?


So as the Chinese New Year approaches on January 31st, I am intrigued to find out what the Year of the Horse holds in store for me and the journey. The Year of the Green Wooden Horse (adding the elements in as well) symbolizes movement, progress, greenery and nature. I’m already looking forward to this year […]