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Farm Renovations All Around


Renovations all over the body of the farm and renovations on the body of the farmer. The Fall of 2017 and now into the Winter of 2018 has seen a good round of happenings on the farm. Luckily we’ve been able to get a few important things completed before the arctic temperatures set in. Carpal […]

Ready for Spring

ready for Spring

Working full time as a baker at the Village Meat Market and baking bread for the monthly Winter Farmer’s Markets has spared me little time to write and create new blog posts. Today I find myself with a tiny slice of space and time to put towards the task I’ve unfortunately neglected far too much […]

Taking Down A Silo


You could say that the first major item in our farm renovation has begun with a bang! We recently took down an old silo because it was severely rotted at the base and just too far gone to fix. Tin roof! Rusted… The one on the right (that I point out in [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”vYEoYIwmXsA&rel=0″ width=”800″ […]

Small. Simple. Smart Building.


I have fond memories of lunchtime with my colleagues at work, especially my friend Winston when we would talk about green building ideas. Great conversations and great friends often go well together. He had some cutting edge concepts well-suited for his homeland of Fiji. He even started to make some 3D models. I can’t give […]