Super Harvest Moon Eclipse

It was an evening in September that marked a special event in the night’s sky.

Something we won’t have the opportunity to see again for another 18 years.

Coming next in 2033, a super harvest moon will again combine with a lunar eclipse

On the 27th, we were transfixed and glued to the sky.

Some believe the blood moon signifies biblical prophecy.

Who knows? But the Pope did visit the US.


Looming large

If only I got home and the tripod set-up sooner, we could have caught the Moon on the horizon.

It was “mind-blowing” big and looked like it was engulfing Mount Mansfield across the lake in Vermont as it rose.

Being low on the horizon, there is that whole perspective thing where objects appear much bigger than when they are seen higher in the sky.

It was “Super” in more ways than one.


I did get some shots of the eclipse taken from the tiny house deck.


With a old tripod, a stock lens and lots of trial and error with manual exposure settings, I captured the eclipse the best I could.



Transformations from within

To us tiny humans, the moon seems as old as time.

It has shined every month, often through the cloudiest of nights, long before we were born and will shine long after we’re gone.

During this night time transformation the moon did not actually change, but rather went through a life-altering event.

Sitting outside under a dark sky, the super harvest moon provided us a consciousness altering event as well.

The changes in us that are often least perceivable are those that occur from within.

There are changes and new phases of life happening all around us at the farm.

The significance comes not only from the physical observances occurring at with the farm, nor the transitioning of the seasons.

The key realization of metamorphosis is internal, perhaps in the sub-conscious.

The changes in us that are often least perceivable are those that occur from within.


Let it shine

At the halfway point in our lives, we’ve really only just begun the agricultural transition.

Although we feel like neophytes, the “beginner’s mindset” has proven a good one.

I believe that learned patience only comes with age and experience.

Our eclipse is in it’s early stages, just on the perimeter of the moon and building slowly in intensity.



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