Springtime on the Farm

This is our first springtime on the farm and although we’ve got a lot to do, it’s important to pause, appreciate the season and make observations.

Barn Life

The barn is literally teeming with life’s possibilities in the form of dried compost and hay. A big job of ours will be figuring out a good use for it all, especially below in the livestock stalls and around the milking parlor. We’ll need a plow and many shovels on that day. Want to come help us?

Barn life
Lots of hay in the barn

Green Grass

Everything has turned green and lush so quickly here in the Champlain Valley. I am thrilled at the grazing possibilities for livestock and the growing of crops in this fertile pasture. If we were better prepared, we would easily be able to get at least two hay cuttings this season. Such is life. As much of our capital went towards buying the land, it will take us some time to get the necessary farm paraphernalia, be it hacked, used or cobbled together. Lately I’ve been checking out Austrian Scythes. Why are you laughing? I may also be able to get my hands on a working tractor too.

Springtime on the farm
A salad buffet for livestock

Lush Life

We are so drawn to the natural beauty of this place. It makes for pleasurable work. Whether it’s spotting new birds or birds of prey, discovering the species of grasses or just taking in the view of the humble Boquet Mountains – it reminds me just how privileged we are to be stewards of the land.

Getting the chance to experience the lushness of life through the seasons is what this is all about.

Springtime on the farm
Let’s cut some hay!


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