homebrew review - tasting podcast

Homebrew Review Tasting Podcast

This 4th of July we popped the swing tops on our first five gallon batch of “Juniper Lemon Bomber Ale.” I thought it would be cool to share the tasting experience with a homebrew review podcast. I hope you enjoy it. On this hot Summer’s day we sure did.

Homebrew review: the items used

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  • American Farmhouse Ale Yeast: After bottling, I harvested and washed the yeast from the fermenter. Hopefully I’ll be able to re-use it as a yeast starter in the next homebrew. 
  • Belgian Pale Ale Malt: I had the grains sent to us already crushed and used them within two days of delivery for freshness. 
  • Juniper berries and lemon balm in bulk from Atlantic Spice Co. 

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