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With a relatively small population spread across a large area, connecting local food and folks together can be a challenge for communities in the Adirondacks. I thought a much-needed resource would be to launch a one-stop community website where folks, farmers and restaurants could get connected and share local information specific to our region. So a site dedicated to celebrating local food in the Adirondacks and North Country was born.

The Adirondack Food Network

The Adirondack Food Network is a community website dedicated to promoting local food, sustainable farms, artisan farmers, and the homestead community that nurture’s us all in the Adirondack and North Country region.

The Adirondack Food Network is a free and open resource whose mission is to “connect local food to local folks.”

By telling your story and being active in the network – you can learn more about local needs and we can all learn from each other in sharing recipes, cooking tips, farming methods, upcoming events and more all in one place online.

For farms & farmers

For many farmers there is a lot of time and energy being put into making your farm productive and not so much time left over for marketing. On the Adirondack Food Network you can easily share information about your farm and engage with more customers in the region online.

For chefs & restaurants

Restaurants that feature local food are attracting loyal customers in many regions. If you’re featuring local food on your menu or you want to be more involved with the movement with local farms, you should look to join the Adirondack Food Network.

For educators, program directors & managers

Previously as an outsider “googling” in, I’ve always felt that there was a lot of information around agriculture in the Adirondacks and North Country but it is distributed across multiple locations and often the information is static. As websites operate in silos with limited resources, it is hard to keep content updated and public interest high. But, if we can harness the power of an impassioned community – then we find that resources multiply exponentially and content can become more dynamic. Educators and program managers can benefit from sharing blog posts, news and upcoming events on the Adirondack Food Network, and also by engaging in two-way communication with businesses and consumers alike.

Going Live!

The Adirondack Food Network website was launched in March 2013. A small group of farms and individuals were involved in initial discussions on the site and the feedback was very encouraging. As the network takes shape, our goal is to have as many active members as possible who share and care about local food, it’s growth and it’s future in our region. My hope is that the Adirondack Food Network becomes a trusted community resource for local folks and beyond to connect, grow and learn from each other.

Check out the AdirondackFoodNetwork.com today!


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