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Free Farm to Market Calculator

Farmers Market Calculator

Record keeping can be such a chore! Many farmers will tell you that good record keeping is key to making informed decisions and better understanding your business as it grows. Well Todd Jones from Every Last Morsel, who I interviewed last month, wants to ease your angst when it comes to record-keeping. At the heart […]

Art of the Online Hustle


Sometime after leaving my career in the healthcare training industry to pursue this farming dream, I discovered the art of the online hustle. Now I’m not taking about swindling people or committing fraud online, but rather keeping busy and making-ends-meet-while-you-fund-your-dream-project type of “hustle.” My dad believed in this type of work ethic. My parents had […]

Are You A FarmFan?


Even if you’re not a farm fan (shame on you!) there’s a new app coming out that will take your next visit to the farmers’ market to another level. It’s called FarmFan and it uses loyalty programs and text messaging to amp up the connection between farmers and customers. I recently interviewed Simon Huntley from […]

Adirondack Food Network Goes Live


With a relatively small population spread across a large rural area, connecting local food and folks together can be a challenge for communities in the Adirondacks and North Country region. So I thought, what if we could use the web to bring folks and food closer together? What if we created a one-stop online community […]

Bringing Chefs and Farmers Together

I recently attended two meetings where chefs and farmers could meet up and sync-up their passions: high quality, local food. Both days set the stage for farmers to explore new markets and for chefs to discover new possibilities in getting local food on their menus. A qualified panel of chefs and farmers who have for […]