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Build A Simple Firewood Shed


Anyone who burns wood for primary or secondary heating has had to come up with a system for keeping their firewood dry and easy to get to. I know a lot of folks are satisfied using a combination of pallets and tarps, but this just wasn’t working out for me any longer. We live in […]

Winter Gardening Tips for Your Zone

Here in the Adirondacks, many businesses and people seem to close up shop in the Winter and the same goes for the garden. Well just because the temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean you can’t get a harvest of fresh veggies all year round. Elliot Coleman, in the “Year Round Harvest,” reminds us that growing heirloom […]

DIY Compost Bins


Today I have an easy homesteading project that anyone can accomplish in a few days with very inexpensive materials. In the hopes of reducing, reusing and recycling, nothing could be better for the planet than composting your kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, hay, straw and even old bones as long as it’s done right. One person’s […]

The Glamping Garage


Glamping (or glamour camping) I’ve heard is quite a big trend in luxury accommodations. While our glamping garage is not luxurious, we like to joke that it is! At this point in the journey we’re thankful just to be able to camp indoors. Any time that can be spent at the farm working in the […]

Whole Farm Planning – Phase I


With land now under our feet, I’ve embarked on a whole farm planning mission to see the bigger picture and gain insight into the living farm as a whole. Surely no small task and one that cannot be fully explained in one blog post. Rather, I thought it useful to share my humble beginnings in […]

Our Future Farm


Land Hoe! We got ourselves a farm! The journey that started in January 2013 has hit a major milestone. The one thing we needed to put down roots has finally come! Perhaps the power of positive thinking has prevailed after all… Our Future Farm I’m happy to tell you that we just purchased 80 acres […]