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Bottling Homemade Wine


Louis Pasteur said that “wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” This is good to hear because we spent this weekend bottling homemade wine at my cousins in New Jersey. It was only a short 12 months ago that we gathered up our grapes from Prosperos in Pleasantville and spent the afternoon picking […]

Making Homemade Wine


I’ve been dying for some time to try making homemade wine. For the past four years, my cousins in New Jersey have been making some wonderful, earthy and natural, no-sulfites-added red wines.This past weekend we finally got the chance to join them in the wine-making process. Sangiovese Wine This was to be their biggest batch […]

Homebrew Review Tasting Podcast

homebrew review - tasting podcast

This 4th of July we popped the swing tops on our first five gallon batch of “Juniper Lemon Bomber Ale.” I thought it would be cool to share the tasting experience with a homebrew review podcast. I hope you enjoy it. On this hot Summer’s day we sure did. Homebrew review: the items used […]

The Fermentation Arts


I know this blog is called ADK Farmer Dan, but honestly,  I’m just here farming ideas. Luckily my main creative outlet has been the continued experimentation in the fermentation arts. This weekend was bottling our latest five gallon batch of homebrewed ales: a Summer variety of a yet to be named brew. The weekend before […]

Maiden Voyage into Homebrewing Ale


This weekend Kimmy and I took the big first step into homebrewing ale. I never thought homebrewing ale could be so much fun. My one gallon test batch jug fermenters are happily bubbling away and in 3-4 weeks time we will bottle. I mashed 157° F water and 4lbs of Belgian pale ale malt and […]