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DIY Wine Press


In my last post I talked about sourcing local grapes for making wine at home in the Adirondacks. After crushing and fermenting, it was time to press. So this week I wanted to show you how I pressed the grapes using a home-made wine press.   Pressed for Time? Pressing the grapes, which separates the juice […]

Local Grapes, Local Wine


We’ve made some excellent wines with family in New Jersey at La Cantina Bongiovanni and we’re now going into our third year. We’ve made Sangiovese and Montepluciano blends that have amazed our friends and family. But all of the red wine grapes we’ve used so far have come from California. One question kept popping up: what […]

Sourdough Pasta Recipe

homemade sourdough pasta

Can you make a good sourdough pasta at home? Yes you can and it’s much easier than you think. We’ve been making this sourdough pasta recipe lately with a pasta machine and it is simply delicious! A Sentimental Pasta Machine “La migliore macchina per pasta! – the best pasta machine”, says the cover of our old […]

Bringing Chefs and Farmers Together

I recently attended two meetings where chefs and farmers could meet up and sync-up their passions: high quality, local food. Both days set the stage for farmers to explore new markets and for chefs to discover new possibilities in getting local food on their menus. A qualified panel of chefs and farmers who have for […]