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Bringing an old farm back to life


When I started this blog well over a year ago I talked a lot about starting a small farm from scratch as our mission. Well now that we have this farm I can’t in all honesty say that we’re starting totally from scratch anymore. A more accurate assessment is that we’re bringing an old farm […]

Whole Farm Planning – Phase I


With land now under our feet, I’ve embarked on a whole farm planning mission to see the bigger picture and gain insight into the living farm as a whole. Surely no small task and one that cannot be fully explained in one blog post. Rather, I thought it useful to share my humble beginnings in […]

Market Gardener Book and Giveaway


When I moved to the North Country, one of the first books I bought was the Four Season Harvest to better understand the how’s and why’s of season extension in the garden. The Market Gardener, a book now available in English by Jean-Martin Fortier, picks up right where Elliot Coleman left off. How to Make […]

Are You A FarmFan?


Even if you’re not a farm fan (shame on you!) there’s a new app coming out that will take your next visit to the farmers’ market to another level. It’s called FarmFan and it uses loyalty programs and text messaging to amp up the connection between farmers and customers. I recently interviewed Simon Huntley from […]

An Interview with Every Last Morsel


A New Approach to Local Food is Coming. With the rise of technology and entrepreneurship, farming and food is by no means being neglected in this space. Be it online distribution channels or increasing hyper-local connections, the tools folks are bringing to the table have a business component and also recognize they have a role […]