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Making Hay While the Sun Shines


While that may have been the prize puzzle phrase on last night’s Wheel of Fortune, it is also what we’ve been up to at work recently at the Cornell Research Farm in Willsboro. You see, a rare thing happened last week. The Sun shone brightly and warmly for 3 successive days thus allowing us simple peasants […]

Why Icelandic Sheep?


Many of you have heard me wax poetic about a thousand year old, hardy breed of sheep called Icelandics. Kim and I recently returned from a scenic spot of land high up in the Mad River Valley of Vermont. There we attended an Icelandic Sheep workshop by Helen Whybrow of Knoll Farm. Why the breed […]

Farming at the Willsboro Research Farm for Cornell University


So just like that… I got a new job and I’m actually farming! The impetus to start living at the farm full-time was partly influenced by a new opportunity that was too good to pass up. I recently landed a seasonal job farming at the Willsboro Research Farm that is owned and run by Cornell University. […]

Living on the land full-time


With the recent sunny weather, I had no desire to be behind a laptop or indoors at all for that matter. Plus, there has been a flurry of new activities happening both on and off the farm. With the rain falling, just in time to end the drought and potential brush fire conditions, I’m happy […]

Help Bring An Old Farm Back To Life

Help Bring An Old Farm Back To Life

Kimmy and I have had several awesome experiences as guests traveling abroad and working on farms in exchange for room and board. We made chevre in Brittany (that’s the photo you see above) and tended Icelandic sheep in Copenhagen. We used organizations like WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) and we had good success […]

Improving Soil and Water Conservation


Concerned citizens have made the connection that our activities on this planet are woven into the web of life. Our actions can have serious repercussions both long-term and short-term if we’re not kind to each other. Some of the worst offenders are present in our cheap food system. You’ve probably seen photos of manure lagoons […]