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Going the Tiny House Route


In order for us to get on the farm full-time now we’ve taken some drastic measures. First of all, it’s a lot of gas driving an hour and 10 minutes each way from Saranac Lake to our little “broke down” farm in Willsboro. We’ve been doing long weekends of farm renovations by lodging at the Villa […]

Small. Simple. Smart Building.


I have fond memories of lunchtime with my colleagues at work, especially my friend Winston when we would talk about green building ideas. Great conversations and great friends often go well together. He had some cutting edge concepts well-suited for his homeland of Fiji. He even started to make some 3D models. I can’t give […]

Building Green in the Adirondacks


I’ve talked a bit about building green with my initial eco-cabin ideas and this week I’ll be attending the “Building A Greener Adirondacks” Conference at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY to get some more inspiration into what the key opinion leaders and professional builders are doing in and around the Park. About the […]