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Farm Renovations All Around


Renovations all over the body of the farm and renovations on the body of the farmer. The Fall of 2017 and now into the Winter of 2018 has seen a good round of happenings on the farm. Luckily we’ve been able to get a few important things completed before the arctic temperatures set in. Carpal […]

A Library and the Full Sap Moon

Full Sap Moon Band Poster

People that know me, I suppose you’d call them friends and family, know that I play some music every now and then. Some music today is what I’d like to share with you (and also I guess a short story about how a library brings community together). It just so happens that I was asked […]

Peaks and Valleys


I haven’t written in a while. While this is partly from being incredibly busy, learning to weld, replacing brakes and rotors on my truck with a friend to save money, getting the farm readied for Winter, the other half of the answer has been partly from a lack of motivation. It’s all part of the […]

Paperwork, Permits and Patience


Fund raising for our recent micro-loan campaign on Kiva Zip was nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. In comparison to the work we now have ahead of us, the fund raising now seems the easy part. In order to have enough “dough”  to start paying back our Kiva Zip loan, we “knead” (sorry!) our […]

The Power of Social Finance


Money… No matter how you feel about it, it is a necessary asset in bringing an old farm back to life. But when I received a call from Lauryn at Kiva Zip, I was exposed to the power of social finance and it’s exciting possibilities.   Finding “dough” to build a bread oven Our first […]

Super Harvest Moon Eclipse


It was an evening in September that marked a special event in the night’s sky. Something we won’t have the opportunity to see again for another 18 years. Coming next in 2033, a super harvest moon will again combine with a lunar eclipse On the 27th, we were transfixed and glued to the sky. Some […]