Building a Wood-Fired Oven

Building a Wood-Fired Oven

A wood-fired masonry oven, up until now, has been a mysterious and complex creation that seemed unfamiliar for someone with little masonry experience. But on Hurricane Island in Maine I learned first-hand the secrets to building a wood-fired oven. Patrick Manley taught the Masonry Oven Workshop and he really delivered. He is an accomplished mason with over 30 […]

Small. Simple. Smart Building.


I have fond memories of lunchtime with my colleagues at work, especially my friend Winston when we would talk about green building ideas. Great conversations and great friends often go well together. He had some cutting edge concepts well-suited for his homeland of Fiji. He even started to make some 3D models. I can’t give […]

Whole Farm Planning – Phase I


With land now under our feet, I’ve embarked on a whole farm planning mission to see the bigger picture and gain insight into the living farm as a whole. Surely no small task and one that cannot be fully explained in one blog post. Rather, I thought it useful to share my humble beginnings in […]

New Projects on the Farm

Projects on the Farm

Hey folks! First off, I was amazed and astounded by the feedback I received on my last post, Our Future Farm. Thank you so much. It means a lot to have so many friends & family that are so supportive of this journey. I love this old photo above of my niece Samantha. I love […]

Our Future Farm


Land Hoe! We got ourselves a farm! The journey that started in January 2013 has hit a major milestone. The one thing we needed to put down roots has finally come! Perhaps the power of positive thinking has prevailed after all… Our Future Farm I’m happy to tell you that we just purchased 80 acres […]

Free Farm to Market Calculator

Farmers Market Calculator

Record keeping can be such a chore! Many farmers will tell you that good record keeping is key to making informed decisions and better understanding your business as it grows. Well Todd Jones from Every Last Morsel, who I interviewed last month, wants to ease your angst when it comes to record-keeping. At the heart […]

Masonry Oven Building Workshop


So in May this year I’m heading to a Masonry Oven Building Workshop on Hurricane Island off the coast of Rockland, Maine. My wife saw a post from Richard Miscovich on Facebook about it: Join us on Hurricane Island for a 5-day hands-on workshop to build a masonry wood-fired oven, led by Pat Manley and […]