Super Harvest Moon Eclipse


It was an evening in September that marked a special event in the night’s sky. Something we won’t have the opportunity to see again for another 18 years. Coming next in 2033, a super harvest moon will again combine with a lunar eclipse On the 27th, we were transfixed and glued to the sky. Some […]

DIY Wine Press


In my last post I talked about sourcing local grapes for making wine at home in the Adirondacks. After crushing and fermenting, it was time to press. So this week I wanted to show you how I pressed the grapes using a home-made wine press.   Pressed for Time? Pressing the grapes, which separates the juice […]

Local Grapes, Local Wine


We’ve made some excellent wines with family in New Jersey at La Cantina Bongiovanni and we’re now going into our third year. We’ve made Sangiovese and Montepluciano blends that have amazed our friends and family. But all of the red wine grapes we’ve used so far have come from California. One question kept popping up: what […]

Making Hay While the Sun Shines


While that may have been the prize puzzle phrase on last night’s Wheel of Fortune, it is also what we’ve been up to at work recently at the Cornell Research Farm in Willsboro. You see, a rare thing happened last week. The Sun shone brightly and warmly for 3 successive days thus allowing us simple peasants […]

DIY Compost Bins


Today I have an easy homesteading project that anyone can accomplish in a few days with very inexpensive materials. In the hopes of reducing, reusing and recycling, nothing could be better for the planet than composting your kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, hay, straw and even old bones as long as it’s done right. One person’s […]

Why Icelandic Sheep?


Many of you have heard me wax poetic about a thousand year old, hardy breed of sheep called Icelandics. Kim and I recently returned from a scenic spot of land high up in the Mad River Valley of Vermont. There we attended an Icelandic Sheep workshop by Helen Whybrow of Knoll Farm. Why the breed […]