Building a Chicken Tractor for 30 Meat Birds

Chicken Tractor for Meat Birds

For a few years I planned to get chickens on the farm. So right around February of this year, I made the decision to jump back into poultry. I ordered both broilers (meat birds) and layers (for eggs) from McMurray’s Hatchery with a scheduled chick delivery date at the end of March. It wasn’t a […]

Build A Simple Firewood Shed


Anyone who burns wood for primary or secondary heating has had to come up with a system for keeping their firewood dry and easy to get to. I know a lot of folks are satisfied using a combination of pallets and tarps, but this just wasn’t working out for me any longer. We live in […]

Farm Renovations All Around


Renovations all over the body of the farm and renovations on the body of the farmer. The Fall of 2017 and now into the Winter of 2018 has seen a good round of happenings on the farm. Luckily we’ve been able to get a few important things completed before the arctic temperatures set in. Carpal […]

A Library and the Full Sap Moon

Full Sap Moon Band Poster

People that know me, I suppose you’d call them friends and family, know that I play some music every now and then. Some music today is what I’d like to share with you (and also I guess a short story about how a library brings community together). It just so happens that I was asked […]

Ready for Spring

ready for Spring

Working full time as a baker at the Village Meat Market and baking bread for the monthly Winter Farmer’s Markets has spared me little time to write and create new blog posts. Today I find myself with a tiny slice of space and time to put towards the task I’ve unfortunately neglected far too much […]

9 Plants That Will Attract Bees to Your Garden

top 9 plants for attracting bees

(This weeks’ post submitted by guest blogger, Tina Martino of Bees are some of the hardest working animals on the planet! Unfortunately, excessive chemical use has killed off large portions of their population. Bees are vital to our food supply and to our gardens. Our plant would be a much different place without them. […]