Hello. We are Dan & Kimmy Rivera.

For this years Farm 2 Fork festival we are making a very special focaccia bread that we learned to make in Tuscany, Italy. We had attended an artisan bread course there when we were living in Norway and a goal of ours is to bake bread commercially on our farm one day.

Good food is our passion. We relish all the hands-on experiences we can get. We’ve made goat cheese in France, we tended Icelandic sheep in Copenhagen and learned to make beautiful artisan breads in Italy, Kentucky and Maine.

We are foodies but we are also future farmers. Right now we are bringing in old farm back to life in Willsboro, NY. We own 80 acres of fertile Champlain Valley soil. We’re currently renovating a 1940’s barn and prepping the land for future farming activities. You just might see us, Triple Green Jade Farm, next season at local farmers markets.

The kind of activities we want to do on our farm will be diversified. We want to have chickens, pigs, Jersey cows for milk, Icelandic sheep, vegetables and last but not least – beautiful handmade loaves of bread baked in a wood-fired masonry oven.

There’s still a lot to do on this journey, but one thing is for sure – there will always be good food to sustain us and motivate us along the way.

Good luck in your future food journeys wherever they may take you!

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