Adirondack Food Network Goes Live

With a relatively small population spread across a large rural area, connecting local food and folks together can be a challenge for communities in the Adirondacks and North Country region. So I thought, what if we could use the web to bring folks and food closer together? What if we created a one-stop online community website where folks, farmers, chefs and others involved in local food across this large region could get connected and share their passions? Emailing to lists is one way to stay connected. Using Facebook only connects you to the folks who already know  and follow you. After attending meetings and listening to farmers and folks talk about the need for better ways to network with others, I knew the timing was right for such an online community.

Adirondack Food Network

The Adirondack Food Network is a free community website whose mission is to “connect local food to local folks.” It is a website dedicated to promoting local food, sustainable farms, farmers, and the homesteading community that nurture’s us all in the Adirondacks and North Country region. It’s free to join and easy for everyone involved with local food and regional self-reliance to get connected. By telling your story and being active in the network – you can learn more about local needs and we can all learn from each other in sharing recipes, cooking tips, farming methods, upcoming events and more all in one place online.

After listening to farmers and folks talk about their needs, I knew the timing was right for an online community.

Plant the Seed, Help it Grow

As the network takes shape, the goal is to have as many active members as possible who share and care about local food, it’s growth and it’s future in our region. My hope is that the Adirondack Food Network becomes a trusted community resource for local folks and beyond to connect, grow and learn from each other.

And that starts with you. Won’t you join us in making the Adirondack Food Network a success? 


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