A 4 Hour Tour of Craft Beer & Artisan Fare

Right before Christmas this year we were treated to the Chef’s Table at The Hop in Beacon, NY: A four hour gastronomic tour of craft beer and artisanal fare. Our guides on the journey, Chef (& DJ) Matt Hutchins and The Hop’s resident beer guru, John-Anthony Gargiulo took us on an amazing 9 course ride. They artfully matched wonderful brews with signature dishes that honored local and seasonal ingredients.

Inspiration flowed throughout the evening as Matt and John’s interplay and sharing made us feel part of something very special sitting in their kitchen. It felt more like their home, especially when Matt started spinning some Modern Lovers vinyl.

The night wore on, and as the budding farmer inside me grows, it clicked. We were sharing the end result of what I hope to produce one day. The reality becomes more tangible being around people willing to put their whole heart & soul into their art. This is what they’re doing at the Chef’s Table @ The Hop.

Check out some photos from this amazing event:

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157632250963643″ descriptions=”on”]


If you’re ever in the Hudson Valley, check them out at www.thehopbeacon.com

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