Future Cheese Cave

Cheese cave floor space:


500+ Wheels of Cheese?

The dark grey section above with the 5′ width is the pit (for lack of a better word) where the milk man would be at a good udder height for milking.

I would use the pit as the main pathway between long shelves of wood. Perfect for turning and inspecting wheels of cheese.

The shelves could be 32′ long and 4 shelves high. If I estimate at least 2 wheels of cheese per board in this arrangement, that would be 64 wheels per shelf and 256 wheels per side, and 512 as total storage capacity.

This number also matches up well with another calculation I have involving 20 wheels of 1kg cheese per week for 26 weeks of lactation for 7 Icelandic Sheep.

Of course, I could be way off! But there is no way to really know until you try, right?