Here is our latest bread oven progress and photo journal of the build:

Wood Fired Oven Rising

Bread Oven Rising

While mortar sets and concrete cures, this is a time of anticipation and delight for a project that has been in the works for a long time now.

There is a bread oven rising here right before our eyes at Triple Green Jade Farm.

Wood-fired bread oven construction

Last May I headed to Hurricane Island in Maine to join a masonry oven building course. The experience was essential for the construction of our own bread oven.

Hearth Size

While initially I was unsure of the hearth size I would go with, I landed on a designwith 5′ x 7′ hearth. Part of the decision was down to supply and demand. For example: will I have enough customers & wholesale accounts to make firing up the larger oven worthwhile? The feedback I received and demand was a positive YES!


We did make the decision to turn the garage into a “breadery” and farm store. After a few rounds with the town on a new building, it seemed we had to go with a “home occupation” usage in order to get this done. As it ends up, NYS Ag and Markets Law allows home processors to sell their products at farmers markets, farm stands and at farms! Should it matter that it all is happening at the same location? Maybe I have to create two businesses?

Time will tell.