Projects on the Farm

New Projects on the Farm

Hey folks! First off, I was amazed and astounded by the feedback I received on my last post, Our Future Farm. Thank you so much. It means a lot to have so many friends & family that are so supportive of this journey.

I love this old photo above of my niece Samantha. I love how she is so focused in on her art. My focus now is on project planning. I’ve added a new link in the menu to shed light on some of the projects that will be happening this Spring & Summer as the result of us now getting some beautiful farmland under our feet. You can think of them as mini-journals. I think of them more as a macro to-do list.

Building a wood-fired bread oven

We’ve received awesome feedback on our artisan breads so far, the only problem is that we cannot make enough of it for everyone. A proper wood-fired masonry oven would allow us to do this and so much more. Being a Journey man, believing “there aren’t any problems, only solutions” – I figure if we build it, they will come and I could even deliver locally.

Building a passive house

Home at last at least in my head and on paper, I’ve called it an “eco-cabin” for as long as I can remember. A more correct term is a passive house: a super-insulated and air-tight 800 sq. ft. 2 bedroom family home. This home will go beyond current LEED certified standards with a combination of DIY and applied technology for ecological credibility. We are after all located within the Adirondack Park where forest is plentiful. There are several sawmills around within a 25 minute radius that I plan on patronizing. So with locally milled lumber, perhaps some from my forest, the timber frame and exterior will have that wooden, rustic aesthetic.

Creating the farmstead

Projects of this type will be all about electric fencing, barn fixing, livestock raising, raised bed garden creating, bines and vines planting, root cellaring, haying & mulching and all the other things I want to try that push my skills and ability. There is only one way to find out in our new farm life.

Starting a small farm from scratch begins now

You know all this time on my blog I’ve been talking about “starting a farm from scratch in the Adirondacks?” Well, here it is. The deeper learning and challenges will be kicking in now. My main aim on these project pages is to be as detailed as I can and document the process carefully so that anyone else who would like to learn or try their hand at any of these projects can hopefully find some insight and inspiration.

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