An Interview with Every Last Morsel

A New Approach to Local Food is Coming.

With the rise of technology and entrepreneurship, farming and food is by no means being neglected in this space. Be it online distribution channels or increasing hyper-local connections, the tools folks are bringing to the table have a business component and also recognize they have a role to play in the larger food movement as well. Overall they are helping to create the foundations for the next steps in sustainable and regional food systems. One of the tools being brought to the table soon is Every Last Morsel.

About Every Last Morsel

I recently had the opportunity to interview Todd Jones about this new community marketplace he is creating. With years of experience as a professional grower, Todd sought to create the apps he himself wished he had for being more efficient and for keeping better records. Todd soon realized the scale of what he could offer to the growing ranks of urban gardeners and farmers in Chicago.

It’s like an app that let’s you shop for groceries from your neighbor’s backyard.

So Every Last Morsel is part record keeping asset, part marketplace, and part networking site. What intrigued me about Every Last Morsel is it’s robust tool set. These tools will give farmers and gardeners, both urban and rural, a way to make decisions about what to grow, keep better records and also provide methods for connecting to food buyers.

By aggregating planting records, we can help farmers connect with buyers before produce is even ready to harvest.

I recorded our conversion below so you can learn all about how these tools work and how folks and farmers of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of them.

Enjoy the conversation:

Every Last Morsel will be launching soon… so check out the links below!

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