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New Farmer Grant Program


I’ve never applied for a grant before, but when I recently heard of the New Farmer Grant Program in New York State  –  I knew that this would be the first time! The world needs more small farms and farmers and I’m happy to say that New York State is investing in the future of […]

Taking Down A Silo


You could say that the first major item in our farm renovation has begun with a bang! We recently took down an old silo because it was severely rotted at the base and just too far gone to fix. Tin roof! Rusted… The one on the right (that I point out in ) has long […]

Full Diet Farming At Old Ford Farm


I talked about some much needed inspiration in my last post and a recent full diet farming workshop has helped me “fill up” on practical ideas to one day apply to our small organic farm. Old Ford Farm in New Paltz, NY At a recent NOFA-NY event, Becky and Joe Fullan of Old Ford Farm […]

Assuming the Juxtaposition

It’s been a little over two weeks since my last post and I’m starting to feel a little bit guilty. Obviously things happen but “life happens while you’re busy making other plans” as well. I have no excuse except to say that is has been an awesome Summer so far. I hope you’ve had many chances […]