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Building a Chicken Tractor for 30 Meat Birds

Chicken Tractor for Meat Birds

For a few years I planned to get chickens on the farm. So right around February of this year, I made the decision to jump back into poultry. I ordered both broilers (meat birds) and layers (for eggs) from McMurray’s Hatchery with a scheduled chick delivery date at the end of March. It wasn’t a […]

Farm Renovations All Around


Renovations all over the body of the farm and renovations on the body of the farmer. The Fall of 2017 and now into the Winter of 2018 has seen a good round of happenings on the farm. Luckily we’ve been able to get a few important things completed before the arctic temperatures set in. Carpal […]

Essex County Summer


Agricultural opportunities abound in Essex County, New York. Many farms are thriving and working hard in the heart and heat of the summer. From sleepy cows in the fields to horse drawn hay makers to building projects, farmers are busy this time of year to green up their banks and grass up their haylofts. At […]

Triple Green Jade Farm: a year in pictures

Stone on stone. A living metaphor for our farm. I’m sitting on my deck overlooking the Boquet Mountains. It’s dusk and the birds are performing a unique sonic backdrop I’ve not heard before. Possibly a mixture of new mating calls and conversations that is marked by this time of year. The orchestra has now finished […]

Soil Testing


In several of the classes and workshops I’ve attended, many of the guest speakers have stressed the importance of soil testing. After reclaiming several of the pastures that were overrun with brush and weeds, I can see that now we are getting more and more native forages coming up. In order to continue helping out […]

Hay School

hay school

“Make hay while the sun shines” is a popular phrase we all know and strive for and at this year’s Hay School, it was a topic covered from almost every angle. There were several dates hosted across the North Country and I attended the one at the Miner Institute in Chazy on March 22nd. Quantity […]

Winter Gardening Tips for Your Zone

Here in the Adirondacks, many businesses and people seem to close up shop in the Winter and the same goes for the garden. Well just because the temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean you can’t get a harvest of fresh veggies all year round. Elliot Coleman, in the “Year Round Harvest,” reminds us that growing heirloom […]